What happens on the day of my installation?

Once we have arranged a date for your installation, you will receive confirmation via email, along with the scheduled arrival time of the electrician.

Typically, the installation process takes around 3-4 hours, and the electrician will give you a heads-up before their arrival. 

On the day of your installation, please make sure there is someone aged 18 or older available to greet our engineer, address any queries, and stay in the property throughout the appointment. 

To ensure the installation goes smoothly please check the following before the engineer arrives: 

  • If you haven't already, please download the Monta app to your smartphone or device, as the engineer will guide you through the process of pairing your new charger with the app. 
  • The engineer will need to temporarily turn off your electricity supply to install the charger. It's advisable to switch off any appliances or electronic devices that may be affected, including household alarms, before we commence the installation. 
  • Ensure clear access to the area where you wish to have the charger installed. This may involve unlocking any gates or doors as needed. 
  • Kindly keep young children and pets safely away from the work area. 
  • Additionally, the engineer will inspect the area, as it must be verified before we proceed with the charger installation.
  • If the engineer identifies any issues during the appointment that require further attention, they will inform you of the necessary steps before continuing with the installation. 

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