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I need help with the Monta App
If you need help with the Monta app, please click read more.
My charging has been disrupted or isn't working
Experiencing disruptions in your electric vehicle charging sessions can be frustrating. This guide will help you troubleshoot common issues that may arise during charging with your Cord wall-mounted charger. 

Charging Interruptions...
My charger shows as disconnected in the Monta app?
If your charger shows as ‘Disconnected’ in the Monta App, it means the local internet connection is unstable or that your charger has lost its connection.  
Perform a hard reboot Reset the power to the unit by...
Why did my scheduled charge not work?
Make sure your charger is switched on and that the charging cable is securely plugged in. 
Check that the schedule is correct in the Monta App. 
Check that your charger is connected to the internet. 
For additional support...
Why does it take up to ten minutes for the charging to start?
This delay, also known as "randomised delay mode," is in place by UK legislation to make sure we don't put too much load on the electricity grid.   Before charging, factor in a bit of extra time for the charging session to kick off.   But...
My fusebox keeps tripping. Is it my EV charger?
As we don’t connect directly to your fusebox it is highly unlikely that your EV charger is causing this. We recommend that you get in touch with a qualified electrician for further advice.  
Why is my EV charger not charging at full power?
It's perfectly normal for EV chargers to start off slow and then ramp up to their maximum power output. This is to protect the vehicle batteries. Once they reach about 80% charged, they'll slow down a bit.  Some vehicles have their own limits on...
My Monta app is not responding?
While there are many reasons for an App to not respond, here are a few of the most common steps to help get you back up and running.   Close the app and reopen it.   Make sure your App is up to date by checking for updates in the App Store...
How do I start a charging session?
Gently unwind the charging cable from the charger and plug it into your vehicle. 
You can use the supplied RFID tag, or the Monta app to start the charging session.  
Check your Monta app. It will let you know that the charging session...
I would like to see the product declaration of conformity
Please find a copy of the declaration of conformity here
I'd like to download the product manual(s)
To download the latest Cord One product manual, please click here
What are the warranty details for Cord chargers?
Cord EV chargers product warranty    We are proud of the quality of our chargers. All Cord EV chargers come with a 3 year warranty as standard.  If you are experiencing an issue with your Cord charger, please ...
How to split router SSID
Like all EV chargers, Cord EV chargers can only work on the 2.4GHz network band. Most routers today combine their 2.4GHz and 5GHz network to have the same name (SSID) which can occasionally lead to connectivity issues. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi ...
What is overvoltage or undervoltage?
If there is overvoltage or undervoltage, our chargers will stop charging immediately for both regulatory and safety reasons, protecting you and the charger. If you have these issues and your charger is connected to Wi-Fi / 4G, we can provide charging...
How to re-connect Cord charger to WiFI
How to connect to Wi-Fi   1.       Switch your smartphone or tablet to airplane mode. 2.       Reboot the power of the charger and ensure the status light is flashing green. This indicates that the...
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