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Are home electric vehicle (EV) chargers AC or DC?
Home EV chargers are AC and as most UK homes have single phase electricity supply they are limited to charge a car at a maximum of 7.4kW - or more simply, overnight - ready for you in the morning. 
Can I get a home electric vehicle (EV) charger if I rent the property?
Yes! You’ll need the landlord’s permission, but if you rent a house or a flat you can get up to £350 off the cost of the charger through a Government OZEV grant. 
I want to understand more about charging tariffs
Understanding the charging tariffs for your Cord wall-mounted charger is essential for managing your charging costs effectively. This guide provides information about different tariff options and how they impact your billing. Remember for detailed information...
What is dynamic load balancing?
Dynamic load balancing is like the brainy sidekick of EV charging! It's a smart way to make sure your EV gets the juiciest charge while keeping your home electrical grid happy and steady - removing the risk of "tripping".    Here's how it...
Will Cord chargers still work without an internet connection?
Yes! You can still authorise a charging session without an internet connection by using the supplied RFID card. However, you will not be able to use the Monta App or its features without an internet connection. 
Will my Cord EV charger stop when the vehicle is full?
Your Cord EV charger is smart! It knows when your vehicle doesn't need any more juice, so it will stop charging automatically. 
Keep an eye on the charger's light. When charging is complete, the charger will show a sold green light.   ...
Can my vehicle affect how my charger works?
Some electric vehicles come with their own unique charging settings that can influence how the charging process goes.  Make sure to double-check your vehicle's charging settings. Sometimes, it might need to be in park and locked during charging...
Can the charger tell me how much charge is in my EV?
No, the charger cannot display the battery level of your vehicle. However, the Monta App supplied with the Cord charger can display your cars current battery level.  
Cord charger quick start guide
Please view our quick start guide here  
Are Cord chargers compatible with Intelligent Octopus Go energy tariff?
To use a Cord charger with the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff you will need a compatible vehicle - you can check this on the Octopus energy website...
Do you sell an untethered / socketed charger?
Our untethered / socketed charger is in development and will be available early September 2024. Please contact us if you'd like us to let you know when it is available. 
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