I want to understand more about charging tariffs

Understanding the charging tariffs for your Cord wall-mounted charger is essential for managing your charging costs effectively. This guide provides information about different tariff options and how they impact your billing. Remember for detailed information, check your energy supplier’s website.  


Types of Tariffs:

Time-of-Use Tariffs: 

  • Charges vary based on the time of day you charge your EV. 
  • Higher rates during peak hours and lower rates during off-peak hours. 

Flat Rate Tariffs: 

  • Fixed charging rate regardless of the time of day. 
  • Suitable for users who prefer consistent billing. 

How Tariffs Work

Billing Based on Electricity Consumption: 

  • Your charging tariff is calculated based on the amount of electricity your EV consumes. 
  • Charging duration and power level will impact the billing amount. 

Peak and Off-Peak Rates: 

  • Peak hours typically coincide with high demand on the electrical grid. 
  • Off-peak hours offer lower charging rates to incentivize charging during non-peak times.


All Cord chargers are automatically set to charge overnight, so if you have an off-peak tariff you will likely benefit from cheaper EV charging. You can also charge on demand, via the app. 


Choosing the Right Tariff:

Considering Your Charging Habits: 

  • Evaluate when you mostly charge your EV. 
  • Choose a tariff that aligns with your charging patterns. 

Calculating Potential Savings: 

  • Compare the costs of different tariffs based on your usage. 
  • Consider how adjusting charging times could affect your billing. 

Switching Tariffs: 

  • Contact your electricity supplier to inquire about tariff changes. 
  • Understand any applicable fees or requirements for switching. 

Monitoring Billing Statements: 

  • Regularly review your billing statements to track usage and costs. 
  • Identify any discrepancies and address them promptly. 


By understanding the charging tariffs available from your electricity supplier you can save even more money using your Cord charger. This empowers you to optimize your charging costs and contribute to a sustainable future. 

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