Does my main fuse need upgrading before installing the EV charger?

The main fuse in most homes is typically between 60 and 100 amps.  Most homes will not need a main fuse upgrade, but some older homes, or those with power hungry devices may need an upgrade before installing an EV charger. 

However it should be noted that most homes do not need an upgrade. 

What is a Main Fuse Upgrade?

The main fuse protects you and your property and its electrical devices. The main fuse acts as a shield, making sure there's not too much electricity flowing. If it's upgraded, you may be able to use more power hungry devices.

Why is it important, especially for Home EV Chargers?

As you bring in a powerful EV charger for your electric car, it will draw a significant amount of energy - up to 7kWh. To support this, we might need to upgrade the main fuse so it can handle the extra load and keep things running smoothly.

How is it Done?

An experienced electrician appointed by your DNO (distribution network operator) will swap out the old fuse for a new, more robust one that can handle the extra demand. 

We will identify if this needs to be completed as part of your home survey.  

The Cord One EV charger

  • Compatible with all EVs - just plug in & charge
  • Up to 7m built in (tethered) charging cable for convenience
  • Save money - works with EV tariffs e.g Octopus Go
  • 7.4kW fast charging - the max rate for most homes
  • 3 year warranty as standard, up to 5 year available
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