What to expect when you have an EV charger installed at home

What to expect when you have an EV charger installed at home
What to expect when you have an EV charger installed at home

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to boom, home EV chargers are quickly becoming an essential accessory for those looking to maximise on the benefits of driving electric. However, as a relatively new piece of technology, many people are still in the dark about what they should expect following the purchase of their first home EV charger. Fortunately, we’re here to shine a light on the installation process.

Can I install an EV charger myself?

While some 3-pin chargers can be easily plugged into mains with minimal setup, they are the slowest way to charge your EV and may not always be safe to use with domestic sockets. For the fastest and most convenient charging, wall-mounted chargers are the way to go. However, the installation of wall-mounted chargers should be carried out by a specialist electrician to ensure proper safety and adherence to regulations.

Can an electrician install an EV charger?

Yes, but only those with the appropriate qualifications.

Installing an EV charger is a specialised trade that requires proper training and expertise, and so it's essential to have the installation performed by a qualified professional with the necessary accreditations. This ensures that your charger is installed correctly so that the warranty remains valid, and UK regulations are met to ensure safety.

Where can an EV charger go on my house?

Your EV charger will be installed on an exterior wall of your house, or an interior wall of your garage. It must be mounted on a fixed structure, not on a fence, to ensure stability and safety. You should also consider where you park your electric vehicle and where the charging point is on the car or van. This allows you and your installation professional to decide on a convenient spot that creates as little of an obstruction as possible.

To take advantage of any remote functionality available with your EV chargers, it's best to position it within range of a Wi-Fi source. If this isn’t possible, 4G connectivity is available as a backup to allow for remote monitoring and control. 

How easy is the installation process?

Trained electricians make the installation of your EV charger appear easy, but behind the scenes, they carry out meticulous and calculated work. With that said, we at Cord prioritise customer convenience to ensure that your experience with the installation process is easy and hassle-free. From pre-installation surveying, to post-installation clean up, our expert team takes care of every step so that you can relax and enjoy your induction into the world of home EV charging! You can find out more here.

What do I need to do to get one installed?

With some EV chargers, you may need to provide a plethora of information, such as fuse rating, power supply details, and even a video of the route to your main consumer unit or fuse box. However, when you choose Cord for your home EV charger installation, all the necessary information is gathered during a specialised home survey prior to the installation date.

So, what do you need to do to get your Cord home EV charger installed? Simply begin your order here, and relax!



The Cord One EV charger

  • Compatible with all EVs - just plug in & charge
  • Up to 7m built in (tethered) charging cable for convenience
  • Save money - works with EV tariffs e.g Octopus Go
  • 7.4kW fast charging - the max rate for most homes
  • 3 year warranty as standard, up to 5 year available
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