Installation process

Installation process
Installation process

Step 1: Home survey & review

When you purchase your charger, you can choose either a virtual (self) home survey, or an in-person home survey. 

If you choose an in-person survey, our home surveyors will capture information about your property so that we can apply for legal permission to install your charger. 

Once we have this information, we will review it to determine if any additional work is required. The most common additional work required is gas/oil and water bonding

If you need any additional work, we will contact you with details of the work required before proceeding further.

We aim to review all home surveys within 2 working days of receipt. 

Step 2: DNO approval

If you don't require any additional work, we will apply for DNO approval once we have reviewed your home survey. If you require extra work, we will request payment and confirmation that you wish to proceed before applying. 

The DNO is your "Distribution Network Operator". These are companies that own your local electricity infrastructure, including equipment in your property. By law, we have to apply for permission from your DNO before we can schedule your installation. 

This process is usually straightforward, and most DNOs will grant permission within 3 working days, however please be aware that if you have additional work required it may take them longer to approve. This may also be the case at busier times. 

Step 3: Installation scheduling and completion

Once we have received DNO approval, one of our approved installers will contact you by phone to schedule your installation. We aim to call you and agree a suitable installation date within 3-5 working days after receiving DNO approval.

If you have chosen preferred installation dates we aim to install on one of these. Please note that this is dependent on engineer availability and the complexity of your installation. In particular, if you don't have an isolator switch in place we need to use specially trained engineers to complete your installation.

We aim to install your charger within 2 weeks, however at busier times or in remote areas this may take a little longer. 

You'll receive confirmation of your install date and time and who your approved installer is via e-mail. 

On the day, our installer will arrive and install your Cord charger using the information received from the home survey. If you need additional work, our installer will also complete this. 

Please see our guide what to expect on installation day.



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