Grant for Households with On-Street Parking

Get up to £350 off with an OZEV Grant

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Got on street parking? Get up to £350 off an EV charger with a Government Grant. 

If you own, or rent a property that does not have off-street parking, you could be entitled to £350 off the cost of your Cord EV charger. 

With this OZEV grant - also known as Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant for Households with On-Street Parking - the government is helping owners or renters of flats and houses with on-street parking join the EV revolution.

If you're renting, you'll need the landlord's permission - and we've created a handy letter you can send to them here.

If you don't have on-street parking, you may still be applicable for an OZEV grant - see here.

All you need to do is meet these criteria:

  • Own or rent a residential property in which you live
  • Have adequate on-street parking as defined by your local council
  • Have permission from your local council to install a cross-pavement charging solution between your home and the approved parking space
  • Will install a cross-pavement charging solution before having your chargepoint installed
  • Own an eligible vehicle

How it works

To apply for a Grant, you'll need to follow the below steps: - 

  1. Fill in our enquiry form below. 
  2. We'll issue you with a unique link to GOV.UK to complete your application.
  3. Once completed and accepted, you will be issued with a code by OZEV. 
  4. Provide us with the code. 
  5. Contact your council to install a cross-pavement charging solution. 
  6. Once this has been installed and approved, we can schedule installation of your EV charger. 

Apply now

Simply fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch.

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