Cord One EV Charger

The Cord Electric Vehicle Charger has been designed with you in mind, no matter which electric vehicle (EV) you drive.

*The majority of our installations are standard, however depending on your property there may be additional costs – please see our installation page [link] for more information


  • Compatible with all EVs
  • Up to 7m built in charging cable for ultimate convenience
  • Powered by Monta app - just plug in & charge
  • 7.4kW fast charging - the max rate for most homes
  • 3 year warranty as standard, up to 5 year available

No hidden or unexpected costs

Usually installed around 2 weeks after home survey

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charger only price
As low as £575.00
Installation Select your preferred installation dates during the checkout.

More than 9 in 10 homes are standard installations, however, if any additional work is needed, costs will be outlined and agreed prior to your installation - that’s our promise of no unexpected fees.
Do you own your home?
Do you have the landlord’s permission to install the charger?
Do you have off-street parking? (i.e.a driveway or garage)
Great news, you may be eligible for a £350 OZEV grant to reduce the cost of your installation. Please complete our enquiry form and we will send you a link to complete your application.
Sad news, unfortunately we are unable to install a charger without your landlord's permission. You'll need to speak to your landlord before purchasing.. but fear not! We have a handy e-mail template you can copy / paste to help explain the benefits to your landlord right here.
Great news You may be eligible for a £350 OZEV grant to reduce the cost of your installation. Please read our guide here.

Electric Vehicle Charging, Positively Easy

Cord One electric vehicle charger 

The Cord One electric vehicle charger has been designed with you in mind, no matter which electric vehicle (EV) you drive.

  • Charging for all: Our EV charger is compatible with all electric vehicles so that all drivers can experience EV charging made simple.
  • Simply plug in: Our flagship EV charger, Cord One, is ‘tethered’. This means that - thanks to the built-in lead - you don’t have to worry about cumbersome connection cables each time you charge.
  • Fast charging: Cord EV chargers deliver power at 7.4kW - the maximum rate for most homes - so that your vehicle is ready to go in no time.

Compact, tidy, and smart 

  • Compact: At just over 30cm tall and 10cm depth - the Cord One charger is unobtrusive and looks great on any property. 
  • Tidy driveway: We have a range of built-in cable lengths so that your charger can perfectly accommodate your home set up, avoiding unnecessary obstructions and untidiness.
  • Ultimate connectivity: Cord chargers have both WiFi and 4G connectivity to keep you updated and in control of your charger from wherever you are via the smartphone app. 

Save money - compatible with almost all EV tariffs

  • Cord chargers are compatible with almost all EV energy tariffs, saving you money. 
  • Charge your car for less than £5 - with energy rates of 9p/kWh or less.
  • Compatible across many energy providers - no need to get locked in. 

Home installation has never been easier

  • More than 9 in 10 homes are standard installations. Where others keep adding hidden costs, Cord includes up to 30m of cabling and surge protection device as standard.
  • No complicated self surveys. When you purchase your charger, you can select an in-person home survey at a time to suit you, so we can gather information about your home and apply for legal permission to install.
  • Following your home survey, we aim to have you up and running in around 2 weeks. You can select your preferred installation dates during checkout.

Our app puts you in control

  • WiFi and 4G connectivity keep you updated and in control of your charger from wherever you are via the smartphone app.
  • Set your car to charge overnight, or on demand.
  • Track your energy usage & more. 

Safe and futureproofed

  • Smart safety: Thanks to dynamic load balancing, Cord electric vehicle chargers are able to adapt to your home’s power usage and ensure safety across your home electronics. By constantly monitoring the demand on your home’s electric supply, Cord will increase or decrease its output to optimise your charging, whilst keeping your other devices safe.
  • Solar compatible: Through clever software on our app, you're able to integrate with your solar panels now, or in the future.
  • Stay protected: With up to a 5 year warranty available, peace of mind is part and parcel of your Cord purchase.

Charge now, pay later

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  • Apply in basket

  • Additional finance options available

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Save £350 with OZEV funding

We’re on a mission to bring affordable EV charging to homes across the UK, but did you know that you could be entitled to a further £350 off the cost of your Cord EV charger if you own or rent a flat, or live in a rental property?

Additionally, if you own or rent your property, and only have on-street parking, you could also be entitled to a £350 Grant.

With the OZEV grant - also known as the EV charge point grant - the government is helping owners or renters of flats to join the home charging revolution with more affordable costs! All you need to do is meet three simple criteria:

  • Live in a flat that you own or rent, or a rental property.
  • Have a private, off-street parking space allocated to the flat.
  • Own an eligible electric vehicle.

If you have on-street parking only, you need to meet the following criteria: 

  • Own or rent a residential property in which you live.
  • Have adequate on-street parking as defined by your local council.
  • Have permission from your local council to install a cross-pavement charging solution between your home and the approved parking space.
  • Will install a cross-pavement charging solution before having your chargepoint installed.
  • Own an eligible vehicle.

How much will it cost me to charge?

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Rated excellent on Trustpilot

Warranty Period 3 Years
Solar Compatible Yes
Tethered Yes
Maximum Output Power 7.36kW
Maximum Output Current 32A
Input Rated Voltage 230V AC
Input Rated Current 32A
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 230V AC
User Interface
Connector Type Type 2 Cable
Enclosure Material PC943
LED Indicator RGB LED
Communication - Wifi Yes
Communication - 4G Yes
Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6
Frequency Bandwidth Wi-Fi 2400-2483.5MHz (Wi-Fi)
Frequency Bandwidth - RFID 13.553-13.567MHz (RFID)
Maximum RF Output Power <20dBm (-10dBW)
Built-in RCD Protection TypeA+6mA DC Protection
PEN fault protection Yes
Residual current protection Yes
Surge protection Yes
Over/under voltage protection Yes
Over/under frequency protection Yes
Overtemperature Protection Yes
Mounting Option Wall Mount
Ingress Protection IP65
Impact Protection IK08
Working Temperature -30c to +50c
Length (mm) 344
Width (mm) 192
Depth (mm) 100
Customer Questions
Which electric vehicle (EV) charger do I need for my vehicle?
Cord EV chargers are compatible with all electric cars. If you’d like to check compatibility please use the handy lookup tool here.
Are home electric vehicle (EV) chargers AC or DC?
Home EV chargers are AC and as most UK homes have single phase electricity supply they are limited to charge a car at a maximum of 7.4kW - or more simply, overnight - ready for you in the morning. 
Can I get a home electric vehicle (EV) charger if I rent the property?
Yes! You’ll need the landlord’s permission, but if you rent a house or a flat you can get up to £350 off the cost of the charger through a Government OZEV grant. 
How fast can I charge my EV at home?
The speed at which you can charge your EV at home will depend on the car (the maximum rate of charge it can accept), and the charger. Most homes can charge a car up to 7.4kW - or more simply, overnight whilst you sleep. Cord EV chargers are 7.4kW. &...
Can I install an electric vehicle (EV) charger myself?
No - you must be a qualified electrician to install an EV charger. At Cord we use a national team of approved qualified electricians to install our chargers in line with the UK Smart Charging regulations. The electrician will apply for authorisation ...
How much does it cost to charge my electric vehicle (EV) at home?
Many people have variable rate energy tariffs, meaning energy usage is cheaper overnight. Cord EV chargers are automatically set to charge your vehicle overnight, when energy can be significantly cheaper. Don’t worry - if you want to charge on demand...
Who installs electric vehicle (EV) home chargers?
At Cord we use a national team of approved qualified electricians to install our EV chargers. We ensure they are safely installed in line with the UK Smart Charging Regulations. 
How to install an electric vehicle (EV) home charger?
At Cord, our approved qualified electricians will safely install your EV charger, using a feed from your incoming power supply. Once it has been installed, we’ll connect it to your WIFI (or use a 4G connection), and ensure it’s all working correctly ...
How long does it take to install an electric vehicle (EV) charger?
Typically it takes a few hours to install an EV charger. We complete a home survey in advance of the installation to ensure the electrician has everything they need on the day for a smooth installation. 
How much does it cost to install an electric vehicle (EV) home charger?
All Cord chargers are sold with installation included. Cord includes a pre-installation home survey to ensure the successful installation of your charger. Sometimes there are additional costs depending on your home, but don’t worry we’ll run through ...
Are Cord chargers compatible with Intelligent Octopus Go energy tariff?
To use a Cord charger with the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff you will need a compatible vehicle - you can check this on the Octopus energy website...
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