Save money with a Cord One and EV tariff

Cord EV chargers are compatible with the majority of EV energy tariffs

Save money with a special EV tariff


Many energy providers offer special tariffs for EV drivers at significantly lower pence per kW rates than standard energy tariffs.

This means you can save money by switching to an EV energy tariff, e.g.:

  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range - £5.51 EV tariff vs £20.10 standard tariff
  • MG4 EV Standard Range - £3.81 EV tariff vs £13.89 standard tariff
  • Nissan Leaf e+ - £4.43 EV tariff vs £16.14 standard tariff

Depending on the energy provider, there may be specific requirements such as a particular smart meter. Please check with the energy provider before switching. 


Cord chargers are compatible with the majority of EV tariffs

You can save a lot of money by using EV or off-peak energy tariffs. Many tariffs allow you to benefit from off-peak energy prices for all electrical consumption in your home. Cord chargers are compatible with almost all EV tariffs - check below for compatibility. 


Energy provider Tariff name Cord compatibility Notes
British Gas EV tariff Yes  
EDF Go Electric Overnight Yes  
EON Next Drive Yes  
Good Energy 100% Renewable EV Yes  
Octopus Go Yes  
Octopus Intelligent Go Yes* Requires compatible EV - check here
Octopus Agile No  
OVO Charge Anytime Yes* Requires compatible EV - check here
Scottish Power EV Saver Yes  


If you are unsure, or would like further advice, please contact us.

Which is the best EV energy tariff?

Whilst there are some very well known EV tariffs, such as Octopus Intelligent Go, it is not necessarily the cheapest so it is worth shopping around to find the tariff that works best for your home.

Whilst some EV tariffs may have attractive rates, they can be restricted purely to charging your EV, whereas another off-peak tariff could allow you to benefit from cheap energy for your whole home.

Simply schedule your dishwasher, washing machine and other electrical appliances for off-peak hours to save even more money!  


Tariff Name Charge EV? Use domestic appliances? Off-peak rate Peak rate* Off-peak hours Weekly off-peak hours
British Gas EV Yes Yes 7.9p 26p 12am-5am 35
EDF Go Electric Yes Yes 9p 28p 12am-5am 35
EON Next Drive Yes Yes 6.9p 29.7p 12am-7am 49
Good Energy EV Yes Yes 9.4p 28p 12am-5am 35
Octopus Go Yes Yes 9p 26p-28p (varies by area) 1230-430am 21
Octopus Intelligent Go Yes Yes 7.5p 26p-28p (varies by area) 1130pm-530am 42
Octopus Agile Yes Yes Variable 26p-28p (varies by area) N/A N/A
OVO Charge Anytime Yes No 7p 23p N/A Unlimited - but only for EV charging
Scottish Power EV Saver Yes Yes 7p Depends on your existing rate 12am-5am 35


* Some peak rates will depend on whether you are a new or existing customer, and where you live. These prices are provided as a high level guide and should be validated with the individual energy company. Prices correct as of June 2024.


How do EV tariffs work? 

Most EV tariffs are simple "off peak" energy tariffs, giving you cheaper energy during certain hours - usually overnight. Many EV chargers, including Cord, can be scheduled to charge during these hours, meaning you can charge your car for significantly less than during daytime or peak hours. This can dramatically reduce the running costs of an EV or hybrid vehicle compared to a petrol or diesel. 

Some EV tariffs such as Octopus Intelligent Go are "intelligent", which means that lower energy pricing may become available during the day. This will typically be when energy supply is plentiful and grid demand is low - especially on sunny and windy days! These can enable you to automatically charge your car when energy is cheapest. To do this, you'll need a compatible car. 


What do I need to look out for? 

Always check the small print! Whilst many off-peak energy tariffs offer many customers significant savings overall, peak rates can be higher as can standing charges. Always make sure you check the full detail of the tariff before signing up. Some tariffs also incur penalties for early exits. 


How much will it cost me to charge?

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The Cord One EV charger

  • Compatible with all electric vehicles - just plug in and charge
  • Built in charging cables for ultimate convenience
  • Save money - works with EV tariffs e.g Octopus Go
  • 7.4kW fast charging - the maximum rate for most homes 
  • 3 year warranty as standard, 5 year available