Cord chargers are powered by Monta

Electric vehicle charging, positively easy

Set your car to charge when you want


Cord electric vehicle chargers are powered by the Monta app. 

The Monta app allows you to set your Cord to charge when you want:


  • Charge overnight, when electricity can be significantly cheaper
  • On demand, as and when you need
  • Or schedule for whenever suits you

You can even set up Monta so that all you need to do is plug in, walk away, and relax.

Track your energy usage and save money

With the Monta app and Cord chargers, you can see exactly how much electricity you have used, and how much it has cost you. 


  • See how many times you've charged and how long for
  • Monitor energy usage and how much it has cost
  • Customise your home charging preferences (e.g. save money, reduce your CO2 emmissions, opt for renewable energy, or a mix of all)

Cord chargers are compatible with almost all EV tariffs, meaning you could save even more.

Integrate your solar now, or in the future

The Monta app with a Cord charger allows you to integrate your solar panels into your charger without using a hard-wired connection. This clever technology is called "Virtual SolarCharge" 


  • Use 100% solar energy to charge your car via Cord
  • No modifications required to your existing solar set up
  • No additional costs

Set up is easy, all controlled by the app, and can be done in a matter of minutes. 

In early 2024, new features will be released enabling you to link your solar energy and your Cord charger via your existing smart meter. A quick app update will enable this feature. 

Share your Cord charger with friends and family, and get access to over 400,000 public charging points

The Monta app with Cord allows you to do even more: 


  • Share your charge point with friends & family, or even the public, and set the price to use of your choice. Ideal for rental properties & Airbnb.
  • Access to over 400,000 public charging points across the UK and Europe through just one single app
  • 24/7 support available via the app

As new features become available, Cord users will have access by updating their Monta app.

Download now

Download the Monta app now and start using your Cord to its full potential.