We are Cord Power Technologies

Electric vehicle charging, positively easy

Our mission


Our mission is to make electric vehicle charging positively easy. 

We provide electric vehicle charging to homes and businesses across the UK.

Our passion to make it easy and accessible to all are driven by our brand values:


  • Super Simple
  • Value Matters
  • Always Better

These drive our mission to make electric vehicle charging positively easy.

Why we set up Cord


Have you ever tried to buy an electric vehicle charger? It can be a minefield when hearing all the technical terms such as: single phase, three phase, 22kW, 7kW, tethered, untethered, level 1, AC, DC, and the list goes on... 

Tried to get one installed? Send us photos of your earthing points, draw us a sketch of your house, how big is your main fuse? Need more cabling, that'll be extra... 

We set up Cord because we think buying an electric vehicle charger can be far too complicated. What should be able to be done from the comfort of your home can often need hours of self education and result in frustration. 

Many people we spoke to about home charging installations just gave up on the idea of having one. This is a disadvantage to them, because often they either end up charging unsafely or relying on public infrastructure that can be more expensive and unreliable.  

So, we have set ourselves a mission to make it simpler, easier, and positively easy. Our ambition is to simplify and explain the process in a way that makes sense to everybody. 

Based in Birmingham, UK


Our business is based in the heart of Birmingham City Centre.

Birmingham is a place that continues to transform itself into a future thinking location of commerce, whilst remaining true to its industrial roots. Most of our founders and employees are local to the area and see the potential that both the city, West Midlands, and our business has to support the electrification of transport across the UK. 


We've designed our products to be suitable for the UK market, not just meeting the UK smart charging regulations, but something that people that live in the UK would be pleased to have on their property.  

Careers at Cord


Want to join us on the journey to make electric vehicle charging positively easy? 

Then check out our careers page. 

We're based in Birmingham's iconic Alpha building and our central location offers an array of lifestyle benefits, with Victoria Square, Grand Central, The Mailbox, and Birmingham's famous canal network just a short walk away.


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